Building Self Confidence

Sometimes being able to accept who we are as a person is easier said than done. 

For many of us, we never have that feeling that we live up to what the world expects from us.  For others, we feel as if the world does not live up to our expectations and that we are far above others.  God created each of us in a unique way, His way.  Our being imperfect in an imperfect world does not always help either.  God put all of his qualities in all of us, maybe not all of them in each of us, but if you put everybody together and add it all up, we create the image of God Himself.  Finding balance within ourselves is the task and for some of us, we figure we always have already won the battle and it is everybody else who is deficient.  For others, we always feel like we are the deficient one.

Life changes us whether we like it or not, whether we realize it or not.  But, we each have the ability to control two things, how we think and what comes out of our mouth.  In building self confidence, acting on the ability to control how we think is especially important.  Each of us has an inner voice and we must choose to listen or turn a deaf ear.  Turning a deaf ear to those things that the inner self has to say that are negative is imperative in many instances.

Life is actually quite simple.  It is we who choose to turn it into rocket science.  Going back in time to when we were young and things were simpler can sometimes make today a better day.  There is something to be said about acting like a child and having the mind of a child.  But, if we make a bad decision, we should never blame our inner child.

Clearing the junk out of your life could be as simple as aspiring to kiss the feet of Jesus on a daily basis in that if you are doing this, usually one becomes too busy to have the junk filter in.  Also, in keeping in step with Christ and His word and remembering that God is our Father and He loves us, can help us to maintain balance in an imbalanced and totally out of control world that God never intended for any of His children to live in.

In finding your flock, you should surround yourself with people who think like you do, act like you do, are going the same direction in life that you are going, or they are already where you wish to be in your life.

In setting achievable goals, we can submit to success and extinguish failure many more times than not.  If you set goals that are not only those you cannot complete and most others cannot either, then failure is a necessary evil that becomes an obstacle and a hurdle to self-destruction and being a self-defeating person should never be an option.  There are already too many people out there looking to destroy you without you adding to the list.

A big goal in creating self confidence is to take the power away from the evil beings and people who are clearly out to set the stage for your failure for the world to see.

In an article in by Jackie Whitmore entitled, 6 Actions You Can Take Every Day to Your Self Confidence, Ms. Whitmore says to act the part, dress the part, speak assertively, think and act positively and to take action.  She discusses how leaders can even lack in confidence.  Does President Trump ever have any confidence lacking in his life?  One would think not, but in reality, maybe even he does but probably as the public, we will never see it on the public stage in any facet.  In acting the part and dressing the part, Ms. Whitmore talks about how if you look better you feel better and how your body language can describe who you are.  She in turn says that if you act and appear confident then others may even see you this way.  Dress up so others see you as well put together instead of dressing down and allowing people the opportunity to look down on you.  Remember, most people are out to feel better about themselves thus, they may look at you to find a weak area as to build up their own self-esteem at your cost even if this action on their part is not quite what God had in mind.

In speaking assertively, Ms. Whitmore talks about how you should remember what you say and how you say it that can have an impact and if you are down in the mouth, then people have no reason to listen but if you speak up, in a clear and unequivocal tone, then you command the attention of your audience.

As to Ms. Whitmore’s area about thinking and acting positively, she reminds us that we should also be around people who do the same.  If you are happy and are around those who are also happy, then most remain in this state of being.  But, as most of us are aware, when we are around a sour puss, either we become one or we bring them into our way of being which can be positive.

Ms. Whitmore also discussed taking action as well.  Being a positive and self confident person but quiet does not always mix.  Ms. Whitmore speaks about stepping out on your own faith and feeling as if you should be able to have the same opportunities as others.  She says to take on tasks in your job or life that you maybe would not have done normally and upon completion, you find your confidence will go up a bit.  Being able to go to an event such as one that involves networking and having the confidence to talk to a stranger first can also make you feel better about you.  The worst thing they can say is “no”.  And you are no worse for the wear because there is always that next stranger who may say “yes”.

Last but not least, Ms. Whitmore says to be prepared.  She says there are the five P’s:  prior planning prevents poor performance.  This is a very true statement.  We cannot always dodge what life throws at us, but if you wear your protective gear which is your five P’s then it can be easier to take those hits.  Ms. Whitmore states that if you are prepared then life has a harder time tripping you up.  There are many who are just waiting to rip the rug out from under you laughing as you fall legs sprawled and flat on your back with your self confidence gone with the wind just about the time the boss shows up.  So never be unprepared for life’s lemons that you don’t bring the pitcher, the sugar and the water as to make lemonade!