Stop Bullying

Culture of Bullying

Bullying culture is not a problem of the modern era but it has affected our society from the start. From schools to the workplace, from home to public gatherings, someone has always suffered due to the bullying mindset of some people. Bullies make fun of the person that seems different or does not resonate with them. They make fun of their appearance, their fashion sense, their way of talking, their religious beliefs, and even sexual identity. They can affect a person in more than one way like physical bullying, cyberbullying, or verbal bullying. As a society, we accepted this stupid culture and now more and more people are facing the consequences on daily basis.

Effects of Bullying:

The effects of bullying vary from person to person. Getting picked on by someone or a group of people continuously can have serious effects on the mind and overall growth of the victim. If they are not able to cope with the pressure, their life derails drastically. Some of the major effects are:

  • Always thinking about the next encounter with the bullies and feeling a continuous threat.
  • Coping with the pressure and maintaining academics grades become nearly impossible.
  • Depression and anxiety make them socially distant and they don’t feel like becoming the part of society.
  • In the worst cases, bullying can lead to suicide or hurting themselves.

These effects can be long-lasting and can shatter the confidence of talented individuals. So, for the sake of fun, bullies snatch the opportunity from their victims to have a prosperous and colorful life.

The mentality of the Bullies:

A bully can be anyone that is jealous of you or doesn’t see you as his or her equal. They can attack you physically or conspire anonymously to tarnish your reputation. They like to feel a sense of control. So, if you are challenging them in any way, they start disturbing you physically or verbally stopping you from surpassing them. Majority of bullies have some flaws like weak social skills or dull mind so whenever a person tries to outsmart them, them stoop down to the lowest level and start bullying them with their like minded people. They mask their insecurities by inflicting them on others and try to gain control of their own life. With negative thinking, they don’t feel emotions like regular people. So, you can’t expect any compassion or love from their side.

How to Tackle:

Instead of letting others dictate your life tries to shield yourself from the bullies both mentally and physically. There are different techniques that you can adapt to steady your life like:

  • First and foremost, thing is to ignore the bully and simply walk away from even having a conversation.
  • If something is troubling you to a great extent that you start to have suicidal thoughts, always express your feelings to your guardian. They can pacify you through their experience and guide you on the right track.
  • You need to stay above from these petty issues and don’t let negative vibes from others to affect you. Build confidence so the harsh words won’t affect you in any adverse way.

Expressing your thoughts is the best way to let off all the steam and keep your mind on achieving the goals rather than living the dreadful past of bullying.